When used parts make sense

Your car is full of used parts.


Used parts are cheaper than remanufactured or new parts. Even the discounted price for a new fuel injection ECU is very pricey, and although a remanufactured one is less, its still pricey. We offer solid parts for much less than what you would find them for new.


Electronics generally have very long but unpredictable lifetimes. Partly this is the physical nature of the components (like transistors) and partly this is because parts are sometimes killed by external faults. Sometimes an electronic component that has seen use, or survived a "burn in" period, has a longer life expectancy than a brand new unit. This is because some components have a tendency to fail early or not at all.

On the other hand, components with moving parts and electrical contacts can wear. consider, for example, relays, which have high energy contacts closed by an electromagnet. As the contacts open or close, a spark can bridge the contacts and this can erode the contacts over time and increase the impedance of the circuit.

Rare parts are special order items

Some parts are not regularly stocked by many retailers, and must be special ordered. This makes them expensive and adds delay.

Original equipment quality

Parts I offer used are generally original equipment parts from top line manufacturers and not discount aftermarket parts. (That's not to say I'll reject a nice looking after market unit - I'll snag it, and tell you what you are getting, and price it accordingly.)

Not all parts make sense used

Obviously no one would consider installing a used oil filter or a used bearing. That's because the value isn't there, or because such parts have lifetimes which have been consumed. Sometimes (for example early and late 900 fuel pumps) one version of a part has a better lifetime than another, so one may be a reasonable used candidate, and the other is too risky. Sometimes it just makes sense to install a new part if it is inexpensive and hard to reach.