Warranties and Return Policies

General understanding between us.

These are used parts. They may not work.

The intent of SaabBrains is to offer parts to you for trial and evaluation, and if they work you keep them, and if they fail, you may return them for a refund of your purchase price and shipping expenses. You are responsible for making sure that part is safe and functional.

The reason for offering these parts for sale is that typically they work quite well, and if they do, the buyer will save money. The reason they sell for less than new parts is because of the risk that they will not work, and because the buyer will experience some inconvenience if they don't, and because the buyer must exert extra effort and care to make sure the part functions adequately.

The customary practice of the automotive parts trade is that electronic parts are sold "as is", and are not returnable, whether sold new or used. This is because electronics are fragile if abused, and faults in the vehicle or mishandling may destroy them.

In no case will I accept liability beyond the price paid for the part. The buyer assumes the risk that the part might have defects which could damage the vehicle it is installed in. The buyer assumes the risk that the part might have defects which cause critical safety systems to fail. The buyer is responsible for guarding himself from such risks, for example, by testing and following other sound mechanic's practices. Buyers of brake system components should take special heed.

Return Policies

You may return a part for refund of its price under certain conditions, conditions which depend on the type of component.

General policy, for all types of parts.

If a part is to be returned, contact me first and tell me why you you reject it.

Any part is returnable within 2 weeks

if the part isn't what you ordered, or

if it is not as I described it, or

if it fails your visual inspection or bench test inspection,

provided its in the same condition in which you received it.

Not returnable: No part is returnable if it suffered damage in your hands, whether the damage is visible, or measurable electrically.

Additional policies, for electrical components.


Returnable: If the original relay shows no signs of damage, and my part fails to work, it may be returned.

Mechanic's tip: If the original shows signs of damage, then some external fault probably damaged it. For example, an auxiliary cooling fan relay may be scorched because the fan itself is broken. Replacing the relay without first fixing the fan will only scorch another relay.


Switches are returnable. We understand that switches need to look nice as well as operate correctly.

Switches which are cosmetically unsatisfactory may be returned within 2 weeks.

Switches which fail mechanically or electrically may be returned within 3 months.


[TBD. These are very sensitive and very expensive. I'd like to hear suggestions about what the ECU return policy should be.]