Ethanol Project Goals

My goals for this project are

  • Determine if a 1986 Saab 900T can be converted to run on unblended ethanol.
  • General driveability is favored. Mileage is important. While improved performance is desireable, not at the expense of daily driving features.
  • As close to stock as possible.
  • Capable of running E85 or neat ethanol.
  • Develop a conversion cookbook.
  • Document before and after mileage, emissions, performance, and drivability.
  • Determine if there are any long term fuel compatibility issues.
  • Determine if any behavior changes manifest over the long term.

It is not a goal to

  • compare effects on new engines.
  • produce a FlexFuel vehicle or to evaluate a FlexFuel vehicle.
  • explore the range of fuel blends, except as imposed by fuel availability.